What Are Urban Panels?

Urban Panels, hosted on the U13 app, are virtual discussions on any topic that can also include the audience. It’s a great way to discuss a topic with panelists participating from anywhere. Host a panel on any topic and invite audiences from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or anywhere to participate in it! Urban Panels span a broad range of topics including humor, how to be an author, business growth, women’s leadership, politics and so on. It’s a great way to get discussions going on your research areas and interests!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why and how to get involved?

U13 hosts and panelists see a 5-10x increase in Twitter engagement by hosting an Urban Panel or AMAs.

And they love the interactions with their audiences! Whether you are hosting on Writing, Diversity, Tech, Campus, Politics or any other topics, you’re gonna love it!

Please download the app on the app store and schedule a panel by providing the information below.

Hosting Guide

Urban Panels

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Urban Book Club is FREE for hosts and participants.
Please visit our AMA Calendar for upcoming AMAs.
UrbanAMA is integrated with Twitter and Snapchat, thereby reaching broad audiences.
Authors, publishers, book critics and book lovers should be hosting AMAs!
It is entirely hosted through an iPhone (or iPad) and hence done from anywhere! If you scheduled your AMA with us, it will be opened for questions many hours before your AMA. Just install the UrbanAMA app, login with Twitter and start responding to questions during your scheduled time!
A good AMA can be hosted in 30 minutes. Typically, people answer 15-20 questions in 30 minutes.
We promote all AMAs over Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. We ask that the hosts share it on their social channels as well.
Final AMA videos are available when the AMA expires (24 hours after scheduled time). We will send you an email with the link to the YouTube video.
Unlike FB Live, UrbanAMA is asynchronous in nature. So, it brings flexibility of participation based on individual schedules. Community can upvote/downvote questions. Further, the host has the chance to review questions and also review responses before posting!
As long as you have access to an iPhone or iPad, you can host an AMA. Unfortunately, UrbanAMA is only available for iOS at the moment. Participants, however, can always tune in to an AMA via Twitter using the AMA hashtag!
All questions are available for everyone to see on the app as soon as they are posted. As a host, you can review all available questions before getting started on responses. Further, you can also review your response before posting.
Yes, it is totally up to you to pick and choose the questions you want to answer. The app will present the top upvoted questions to you on camera.
Since UrbanAMA content is easily shared over Twitter and Snapchat, our audiences are very broad, depending on the host and the topic. We will share the final AMA video with you for further propagation on any channels as you see fit.
Please write to bookclub@thesilverlabs.com for more information.

Hosting Guide

To schedule an AMA, please submit the information above and we'll contact you. Here are some steps to host your AMA:

  • A few days prior to your AMA, please share your upcoming AMA with your audiences on any appropriate social channels and email lists. We will send you our announcements via email.
  • Get the app here
  • Login to UrbanAMA with Twitter (Twitter login is recommended for hosting, but if you don't want to use Twitter, please feel free to login with iCloud).
  • If you've scheduled an AMA earlier, you should see posts that have been added to your AMA at your scheduled time.
  • On the app, you will see your AMA at the top of the Feed.
  • Just tap on 'Respond' and record a video response. All videos are up to 40 seconds long on UrbanAMA! Repeat this until you've responded to the posts you wish to respond to!
  • That's it! Don't forget to enjoy the AMA!

Let's Get In Touch!

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